wine as partner in crime

by Axelle Vandenberghe

We are in the middle of the summer months and many people are ready to go for a picnic in the park. You know it, your picnic basket is filled with yummy sandwiches, freshly cut fruit, crunchy chips and a lovely can of wine. Rosé or white wine, your choice. So much easier than dragging around a big bottle of wine. However, we're here to tell you that canned wine is a great option for so much more! Let's find out together.

BBQ evening

A smoked burger, freshly chopped veggies, tasty onion bread and a can of bubbly rosé? I mean, you can’t resist that. Later in the evening, you can have some marshmallows and wine by the open fire with the people you love, having great talks and laughs.

Ring those wedding bells

What, weddings? Yup, weddings! Wine in a can and especially our French Kisses are very aesthetically pleasing. Your wedding guests will totally fall in love with it.

Let's get this party started

Go to a club with a can in the hand, and dance until you can’t feel your feet! Much less spillage than dancing with a glass or cup in your hand. Whoop whoop!


Do we even need to elaborate more on this? Enjoy a can of wine while laying on a mattress in the pool with some music. Heaven!

Hot beach days

Sun’s out, cans out! A French Kiss is your partner in crime when it comes to going to the beach. Not only because it is easier to carry, also because it is more sustainable than glass. Cans of wine are portable, lightweight and easy to dispose of in recycling bins.

Me time with some bubbles

A relaxing Sunday evening to fully recharge for the new week. What about a bubbly rosé with a soothing bubbly bath?

We’d love to see what you get up to this summer with our French Kisses, so tag us on your socials!