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The easiest way to buy our The French Kiss Club wine is via our webshop, which will be at your door within the week. Apart from the webshop, you will also find us at selected festivals, beach bars & trendy restaurants.

The French Kiss Club merchandise can only be bought via the webshop.

Our wine is made from French grapes that enjoy the Southern sun. The grapes are delicately picked before we do our magic and convert them into our delicious wine.

Our rosé wine is made from Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Our white wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc.

Our wine provides you with a fruity taste palette, perfectly balanced to embrace your tongue and refresh your mind. More seriously: refined fruity and floral nose, great balance between acidity and "gras" as they say in France. Round and persistant until the end. 

Our wine is not made with any ingredients that contain gluten, but for your information, our packaging facility is not gluten-free certified. 

Have fun, there's more calories in a slize of pizza.

Our wine is best served chilled at a temperature between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius. Wrap it in one of our koozies, when the party gets hot!

Our cans are made of aluminium which is 100% recyclable. We pack our products in cardboard boxes. Both should be sorted as such.

We wouldn't be called The French Kiss Club if we weren't looking for people to join our team! 

Reach out to us directly here

Our canned wine is perfect for any type of party, reach out to us for a personal price quote.

We are happy to discuss with you how we can support you as well with sales materials!

Our orders are securely shipped with local partners and typically delivered in 5-7 business days after placing an order.

Please also check our shipping policy.

Shipping rates are available at check-out, unless promo codes apply.

Please use the contact form on the webshop or reach out to kisses@thefrenchkissclub.com.
You can also send an old-skool letter to the following address:

The French Kiss Club
Martelaarslaan 406
9000 Ghent